Monday, August 16, 2010

Zellie's Mishap(s)

It was a beautiful evening so we decided to head up to St. Pete's to say night prayer. Zellie brought her coveted Gemma doll along. Gemma has porcelain feet and when she was accidentally dropped on the tile floor, they broke off in two. Oh, the sadness. When we were leaving, John suggested a lovely game of hide and seek out in the court yard. All of a sudden while I am hiding behind a pole, I see Zellie and Rose giggling and laughing and then smack. They ran into each other and fell over. I look over to see Zellie's head oozing with blood down the front. I thought, "What just happened??? I didn't know that she was carrying Gemma's broken feet in her hands and when she fell she jabbed them into her own head. John and I were stunned and just sat there holding her. She wasn't screaming, but had actually become very limp and had a weak cry which scared me even more. Luckily, my sister was with us and ran home to get our car so we could take her in. The doctor decided to just glue her wounds back together. So, this is the picture we took Thursday night.

Do you see anything different in the second picture? Look closely. Yes, there is another wound. THE VERY NEXT NIGHT (24 HOURS LATER), I was getting them out of the bath and she tripped and fell hitting her head on the corner of our floor boards. I hear the fall, the cry, and look around the corner to blood oozing down her face again and ANOTHER open, puncture wound. I kept saying, "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" So, off we go again. So embarrassing. John decided to buy some Liquid Skin and fix this one himself. Thank Goodness he knows what he is doing.

She is healing nicely and reminds us every day to put Vitamin E on her head. John says she is thinking "Prom."


  1. I am laughing so hard because of her big grin. She clearly doesn't care so much about the wounds now that they're all glued back together. But what a couple nights for you!

  2. Hilarious! Her face is priceless. :) I love what John said too, "prom".