Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lillie-6 years old

The only problem with the having a digital camera is that I can't seem to keep up on all the blog posts I want to do regarding each child's various interests and cute little habits. Especially with having a new baby, I could post about her every day. One day, we had taken over 400 pictures of Clairvaux and all the different things regarding her, who held her, and all her darling little habits already. So, I guess back blogging with have to do.
This post is dedicated to Lillie and all her cute little habits of being six years old.
For most of the summer, she has diligently put on this hat everywhere we went. At times, she thought she was Anne Shirley and other times she thought she was Madeline. She always brings her backpack filled with animals. This particular night we were headed up to St. Peter's to say night prayer. I find it so darling she does this.


I love her enthusiasm about everything. She looks forward to everything be it little or small.

One of many things I love about children is their play. It is fascinating if you really watch what they do. This is a common site. They set up areas around the house to read. Vianney is now involved and I am sure Clairvaux will join in no time.

Reading clicked with Lillie about six months ago. Now, we see and hear her read all the time. I will always love this site. I am so proud of her.

When I was pregnant with Clairvaux, I walked almost every morning early. The kids usually weren't up yet, but this particular morning I came out to walk to find Lillie and Rose all set up in front of the TV. I love that they brought in the little table to color in case the movie got a little old. The best part is the movie they picked out. Out of all the kid movies they could have picked, the choice was "Singing in the Rain." Way too cute. How could I tell them to turn it off? Thank you for all the wonderful, everyday memories

The beautiful innocence of a child. They don't care what they look like or what others think of them. They just are. I love their spirit and youth. I love childhood. I love their happiness. We can learn so very much from them and I plan on doing it more and more everyday. Life with them is way too short.

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  1. she is a very special girl and always makes me smile because her smile is contagious.