Friday, August 20, 2010

Someone stop her NOW!!

We bought the swing for Clairvaux whom doesn't much care for the arrangement, but Vianney finds it quite swell for morning reads. I came out to this.

She just can't venture away much from her beloved.

I glance toward the end of our kitchen and see two heads peeping at me from the table.

Only to get closer to find all the little puppies huddled together watching their little sister read.

She is so lovely.

She always wraps her baby in a blanket. My favorite.

Loved beyond measure.

Lillie is my baby holder.

A bunch of little girl toes.


  1. Oh, they are too cute to be real! I love little Vianney sitting in the swing, complete with a book and a pacifier! How precious your little group of girls is!

  2. I love the one eye peeking over the book. great picture! I can't wait to see her start reading 100 easy lessons :)

  3. I love the little feet pics. So adorable. You should try to get feet tickling pics of the kids. They are cute. If you ever get to Florida, I can do some pics for you. I am a photographer.