Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Baseball...He waved

He waved. Yes, it was the most memorable thing about our first year of baseball. Every time he got up to bat, got on base, ran each base, and got home
HE WOULD TURN AND WAVE TO ME. From t he first game until the last game, it was precious. Oh, the beautiful innocence of a child. Waving to your mother in front of all your friends at your baseball game. I tried several times to get a picture, but this is the best I came up with. See his beautiful smile and little hand waving.

Our whole family enjoyed every minute of Dominic's baseball games and practices. Zellie especially looked forward each week to seeing Makenna, the coach's daughter who brought her Polly Pockets. Even when Lillie and Rose would opt to stay home for a practice, Zellie always wanted to come and sit with me so she could see Makenna.

It was very involved, each practice and game. They all would pack their purses full of surprises, picnic options, babies, strollers. I let them. I love it. It takes forever to load and unload, but I love it. They always brought their sitting chairs like elderly ladies.

Oh, Dominic! The joy you bring to your parents. They forgot to tell me that when I had children EVERYTHING would be special. True to my usual self, his first time up to bat, I have tears streaming down my face. Good thing for sunglasses! He looked so big, yet so little, yet so innocent and then of course he started his whole waving thing and I was done the whole season.


He preferred to play right field, but "I really like catcher too!"

The Fan Club.

I think Zellie is working on her embroidery.

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