Thursday, September 9, 2010

These are the times...

I love these pictures. These are the pictures I will look back on and go, "That was awesome!" Nothing like having a sleepy baby taped to your chest with one cutie in the other arm and a chatty 3 year old telling you all about it at your knee cap. She is at the cute age of constantly chatting about anything and everything. Sometimes she has been talking for so long I forget she is talking. She is also going through the "ly" phase. You know, the phase where every word she uses has an "ly" at the end. Seriously. Constantly. Usually.


  1. I totally hear the "ly" thing you're talking about. Lately around here its the "er" betterER, goodER, fasterER, or he adds a more to everything, "he's more hotterer, more betterer, more slowerer" It hurts my ears just a little as far as grammar goes and at the same time sounds so cute coming from a 2 1/2 year old!

    Oh yeah, I think Joachim likes Rose. Aside from the fact that he literally burst into tears when I told him we were NOT picking her up Wed. yeah, I was NOT prepared for that! He always makes a comment about her when we drop her off at home. It goes like this, "Mama, why we leaving Rose?" "Well, because this is her home." Then with a bit more spunk in his voice, "Why she can't come to our house again?"

  2. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and you seriously just amaze me!:) I have two little ones and feel overwhelmed most of the time.When I read your blog it always inspires me to be a better Momma.:)

  3. Love the photo! You look so happy, Lindsay.