Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a beautiful day!

Today was THAT kind of day. The kind of day that should go out and buy a lottery ticket because it is SUCH a beautiful day. I woke up today with no agenda as we have not started our official homeschool year yet. The weather was perfection. The perfect temperature in the morning. I usually spend my morning walk praying, thinking, and pondering. Today, I had a great conversation on my cell phone (I was THAT person) the ENTIRE walk with a dear friend. As she and I do often, we chatted about parenting and how to improve and view this beautiful walk with our children.

Today was the Blessed Mother's Birthday! I took the kids downtown for noon mass at St. Mary's. It was beautifully decorated for its' patrons birthday. I told them around 11:00 to go get dressed up for mass and out came Zellie and Rose in this attire. Wow! Zellie is wearing Lillie's skirt as you can see for how high she pulled it up. She went ahead and wet her own hair down. I died at the part right down the middle. She wets her hair down around 1,000 times a day. She claims she is sweaty or tired when she does this. She appropriately put on her pink cow kickers.

I have this dear friend named Sharon whom I am sure will be canonized a saint when she dies. She is one of THOSE people who ALWAYS leaves you with your mouth wide open at her generosity, thoughtfulness, kindness, joy, hope, etc., etc. She is a rare find. She shows up at my door step with these flowers and beautiful words. I hugged her and said, "Who made you?" Who, but God, would make someone so beautiful? Who, but God, would send people like her to do such wonderful deeds everywhere she goes. I love her dearly and if the Titanic ever sinks again and we are on it together, I pray I am near her. She is one of those people who see the good in every situation they are in N.O. M.A.T.T.E.R. W.H.A.T I.T. I.S. Everyone needs a Sharon in their life.

After mass, I dropped Rose off at Montessori. She has started winking at me before she runs in. I love it and watch for it every time. I took Dominic to his first "Boy-O-Rama". A fellow homeschooler had this wonderful idea to get our boys and several other boys together to study certain subjects and make dioramas. For weeks now, we have been saving any trash that could be used for the project. They studied caves the first week. It was very interesting the different things he put in his box and why. I was glad for him to be around 9 other boys his age.

To celebrate the Blessed Mother's Birthday, we headed to Grandmother's restaurant. It was a very memorable and sweet evening. We told the kids we went there because the Blessed Mother is a GRAND mother. She is grand indeed! They got a kick out of it anyway.


  1. I LOVE Dominic's dimple!!! It makes me smile! My J has them on both sides, too and I can't get enough of them. Dominic is a very handsome little fella!!! What a great big brother he is to his sisters as well :)

  2. I cannot get over Zelli's outfit. This girl has a character like none other!!!