Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Where have I been? We were gone for almost two glorious weeks visiting my family for Fall Break. I decided to document exactly what we do when we go home so the memories will always be there. After uploading a million pictures, I decided to break the post up into categories. We went trick or treating with a thousand people so every house we arrived at was promptly wiped out of candy. Way too much fun.

We dressed the kids this year as "St. Isaac and the Indians." Dominic was St. Isaac and the girls were the Indians. I even found a baby indian outfit for Clairvaux.

We always eat together with friends before heading out. We had a record crowd this year.

Andrew and Maria arrived in costume. I didn't think much of it until Maria announced who they were. She said, "Andrew is Bob the Builder and I'm...(and she points to her shirt" Under Construction." SCREAM. The room fell silent for a moment and then we all got it. Baby #3 for them is due in June. We are all thrilled. This will be grandchild #18 for my parents with Dominic (age 8) being the oldest.

Nicholas and Christiana "Gramps and Granny" Eldery.