Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clairvaux-Three Months Old

My love.

I love this age. I love every age, but I LOVE this age. I know I always say that. Just tonight, I was kissing your neck and I love that you have to lay there and let me do it. I especially love when you are full from nursing and so you are really relaxed. I kiss your fat neck and you lay there smiling and content with the love being bestowed upon you.

In our home, each child has around 100 nicknames and usually a theme song. We finally have your theme song down. It goes something like this:

Little Clairvaux Boever walking down the street,
She didn't know what to do, so she stopped in front of me
and I said, "Hey Clairvaux, do your thing, do your thing, Yeah!"
"Hey Clairvaux, do your thing, do your thing. Yeah!"

This is usually followed by some crazy dance move.

Your new things this past month have been excessive talking, gurgling, and cooing. It is serious business. Pursed brow, puckered lips, and lots to say. Dominic especially loves it.
Your new #1 fascination: YOUR FEET.

All the time. You are constantly holding your feet.

With most of our other babies, we never left home without the pacifier. With you, it would be your feet. Papa will say, "Do we have everything?" I respond, "Yep, we have her feet...let's go." You hold them in your swing. You hold them in your carseat. You hold them when we are holding you. You hold them in your bed.

You had a bad, bad cough for about 2 months. I took you in three times to make sure you didn't have RSV or Pneumonia. Your cough was crazy deep. When you would cough, I think people thought it was your Papa. I am not kidding. They did three chest X-rays and found nothing. Finally, after being up with you all night because of these crazy coughing fits, our Doctor sent us on to an ENT. They performed a scope on you and found nothing, but wanted to try an antibiotic to clear up all the congestion he saw. I was leary of this, but trusted him and it seemed to do the trick. We no longer have a pack of seals in our bedroom.

Papa and I took just you to Oklahoma this a couple weeks ago. You were so good and I thoroughly enjoyed just holding you for two days straight. It is always delightful to have each child alone. I did nothing, but sit on the couch and hold you. My perfect day.

I realized that I will never tire of having a little one in the home. You bring life. New life and a special sweetness that only a baby can bring.


Your 1st Halloween. Dominic is St. Isaac Jogues and you are Kateri Tekawitha.

These are a few of my favorite things. Sitting on the couch talking with my mother and holding my sweet sleeping baby.


  1. I love, love, love the legs picture with her little hand holding the toes at the top...and the rolls on her legs! She is really looking like her own little person these days, glad the cough has stopped!

  2. So glad her cough is better! Respiratory issues are no fun! Love the feet :)