Friday, November 5, 2010

Vianney-19 months

To my lovely Vianney.

Vianney. You are just fun to look at. Your hair is white, curly, bouncy, and wild. Your teeth are curved up and out. I love them. It is funny having a baby and having you as a "bigger" baby. You are still a baby. I just had you last year. I am now holding Clairvaux and not you.

You are quickly joining the Big kids and all that they do. I love how they barter and plead your cause for things. "Vianney wants to sit at the table with us."

Watching "Molly, An American Girl" even though you have no interest in movies yet. Yet, you will sit with them. What a good girl.

Sometimes, I get sad when I look at you and watch you. I want to be with you all the time. I want to be with all of you all the time. I know this time is going so fast. I know this time is fleeting. I just want to soak it all up and just sit in the living room and watch you all grow and play. I know there are only 365 days in your little one-year-old life and I selfishly want every one of them to be mine to watch. You are free. Your little life revolves around your blanket, your ghen-ki, your books, your sisters, holding Clairvaux for 3.5 seconds and then you are "dun" and most importantly "Bah-wull." Everyday I say, "I need to get her off that bottle." Tomorrow, right?

As much I love your age, you are going through the challenging stage. Every thing is a bit dramatic. The beauty of having more children is that I know that this is a phase and it will pass. I was much more overwhelmed with my earlier children when they were going through this age then with my later ones. Some days, we say your "fusser" is stuck. It is on repeat. If you know what I mean. I am sure you are just as frustrated with me because I don't meet your every need the moment your little 19 months old self needs whatever the current demand is, but trust me, it is good for you.

I love watching your older sisters with you. They still treat you like a baby and are very sympathetic to your needs.

This was hysterical. I can't remember if you were all nursing or wearing your baby in your "Moby" wraps, but funny. I could document all day the things you do together. Too bad I have to get something done around the house.

You are Zellie's subject especially when it comes to hair. You know how she loves all things hair. You are too small to understand that she is completely manipulating you to appease all her hair styling desires.

Rose has her special way with you. She is gentle with you and doesn't get frustrated. She has a variety of nicknames which range from the following: Chubby, Cindy Irene, Irene, and Louise. Most of us call you Cindy Irene Matouse Boever. It makes no sense, I know, but that's what we call you.

There is something I love about getting you out of bed. I love the excitement you have to be rescued. I love your sweaty hair, stinky binky, and the death grip you have on your blanket. I love that you just want to lay on me for a little bit to wake up.

What are you doing at this age developmentally?
You aren't talking much. Lots of gibberish, but you don't say many clear sentences. Don't get me wrong, you try to tell me all about IT, I just don't understand you. You can say all the kids names, Papa, Mama, and lots of one syllable words, but no sentence speaking yet. I bet you weigh around 23 lbs. You aren't the best eater, but do love taking your Cod Liver Oil. I've noticed you've gotten really fast at going down the stairs forward (meaning walking). You love to throw your diaper in the trash. I know I've not written in your baby book much, but you will have a million more pictures of your babyhood than the earlier kids because of this blog and our new camera.

I was telling my sister the other day that I think this age is cranky for a few specific reasons. One, you are getting less sleep. You still need two naps a day, but I've weaned you down to one so you will sleep when every one else does. Two, I don't think you are eating as well because you are feeding yourself most of the time and when I was feeding you, I usually would stuff you. I am sure you are so confused about the new baby. Just a few months ago, you were the baby and got all the attention, and now it is on Clairvaux. I know it settles down, but I am sure you are adjusting. I will be patient with you if you are with me.

I love you, Vianney. I know your little wonderful world has been rocked these past months with the birth of your new sister, but I love you just the same. We dream for you many big things. We dream for you to grow to know how much God loves you and we love you. I know you might not understand right now why I'm holding Clairvaux so much when just a few months ago it was you, but I promise in the future she will be your best friend.


  1. Her hair, it's definately her hair. Way too cute.

  2. She's just a doll.

  3. This post is lovely, as always it is beautiful to witness the love you have for your children, Lindsey. Such good reminders of what is really important in the busy days of a young mom. And spot on about the benefits of siblings. It is bittersweet to see the baby grow into the toddler, the toddler into the preschooler, no matter if there is another baby in our arms or not! We mourn the babyhood, lost forever. My little one is 22 months and weaned last week, and leaves me with empty arms. We had our seventh miscarriage this fall. Always praying for you, Boever family. God bless you, and thank you, Stacy

  4. I enjoyed every picture and story of this post!

  5. Oh, my, she has grown. I can't believe how beautiful her little head of hair is! I want to squeeze it and run my hands through it. Can't blame Zellie for that! Your family nicknames make me laugh every time. I love it.