Saturday, November 13, 2010

This ALL happened the same day

How do you start your day in snow suits and end your day in the latest swim wear fashions? Very easily. Ask them.

We woke up to our first snow of the season so they dressed appropriately and headed out for 10.7 seconds.

After they had their fill of the white stuff, the play quickly turned to princesses and Anne of Green Gables.

The temperature did rise 10 degrees so that definately warrants swim wear.

It really is amazing what their lives accomplish in one day. Most days the house is completely destroyed even though we pick up all day it seems. I love it. It means the house is full of love and happiness. I will be sad when these days are gone. I recently watched Toy Story 3 after much hesitation because every one told me that I would blubber because of the content (child getting older going away to college). I did better than I thought I would because I personally thought the movie was a bit dark for children, but I did get a weak heart at the stark realization that someday the toys, dress up, snow suits, gloves, hot chocolate, plays, babies, all of it will someday be left in the drawer for the last time. Sometimes, it is very funny that I am usually unaware of when it ends and something new begins. That is the #1 reason why I usually don't care a bit about the mess. I am so glad they are home.


  1. It really does remind of a day when we were little girls. Maria was just over and we had vowed to watch Anne of Green Gables this week and introduce it to Marci:) I absolutely LOVE the swimsuits btw and I LAUGH that they put them on the day it snowed! ha ha ha!
    Thanks for always sharing your family joy!

  2. No, no, not for the last time! If you're extra blessed, the first grandchild will enter your home about the time that last little one finishes with all the dress up stuff! The girls asked if Maria would finally sleep in their room with them when they were 32. I said "No, because you won't be sleeping in that room when she's 32." "Who will," they wanted to know. "Your kids will, when they stay over," I replied. See? Perfect!

  3. Thank you for the reminder -- I have been so uptight about their messes lately. I need to thank God they are there to make the messes!

  4. Of course I was referring to my children, in my own home. HA! I read my comment after the fact and it sounded funny. :)

  5. Lindsey, I agree on the film. We watched How to Train Your Dragon yesterday with the two youngest--my feeling at the end was "When will they make a film where kids make mistakes and ask forgiveness? The kids are always right and the parents are the ones apologizing--in every film". Thank goodness we are listening to Little Women on audio--plenty of stable parents' loving advice and kids learning/growing.