Monday, November 22, 2010

Clairvaux-Four Months Old

The months are flying by. You are as sweet as could be. You are such a happy baby now. You find much contentment swinging in your swing, gazing at the warning labels on your car seat and swing, playing on the floor on your play mat, and watching the big kids run by. You usually suck on your fist all day and have recently found your voice which scares you sometimes.

You can roll from your stomach to your back like it is your job and can almost roll from your back to your stomach. I've noticed you are riding on my hip more and more.

We stop by the mirror several times a day for you to chat with Gladys, your mirror friend. It amazes you everyday that she is there and she looks and smiles just like you.

You have become quite the social drinker. If anybody makes any sound, you pop off from nursing and watch (upside down of course) and then you start nursing again only to pop off to see what the new sound is.

Dominic comes up with the best names and sayings for you. Today, you were chatting very loudly and he said, "You are such a walkie-talkie. You walkie when you talkie." Yesterday, he said, "I love our little Laffy Taffy." I love the names he comes up with for you.

You are sleeping pretty good. You are usually ready for bed around between 7:00-8:00 and will get up one or two times during the night. You sleep in the co-sleeper right next to me so most nights I don't even realized I've grabbed you to nurse and have put you back in bed. I love waking up with you curled next to me especially all warm and cozy.

I haven't had to supplement you yet which is a first. You are doing well. I take you in next week for your four month check. I notice you now push off from me to turn and watch the kids more and more. You are getting better in the car, but still don't care for it much. Your naps are still pretty sporadic, but I am sure we will be finding consistency soon.

I just love you. I tell you often in your ear that you are a perfect person. I love your smile and how you kick your one leg wildly when I come to get you out of the swing. You will even be playing nicely and I will walk over to get you, and your little leg gets going with excitement. I like that. It looks like we gave you a buzz hair cut so we call you Buzz Lightyear. I love this age because you are overcome with love when you see me. I am completely arrogant when it comes to your love for me. I am proud!

Let's see how you are growing:

Clairvaux-Three Months Old