Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Pajamas 2010

Christmas is 100% for the parents. I LOVE every bit of it. I love preparing for it, shopping for it, decorating for it, talking about it, the dresses, the masses, Advent preparation, food, family, hot chocolate. I love taking my time picking out just the right thing for each child. I love watching their faces.

This year, we began the pajama tradition. To say that they squealed with delight would be an understatement. They kept hugging us and thanking us. Awesome.

I want to make Christmas wonderful for them. I want them to be generous with others, to think of others at Christmas, but I also want their Christmas to be wonderful in a childlike way. It should be. We are celebrating THE most important birthday in History.

I remember the excitement the night before. I could hardly fathom how large Santa must be. The mystery was oh so mysterious. I remember thinking about him in our home. I remember looking back at the Christmas tree and thinking when I wake up it will be different. I remember seeing the tree first thing in the morning with thousands of presents scattered everywhere. My mother was also so good at "stocking filling." I remember seeing them bulging with goodness. All the world was so right on Christmas day.
Dear Santa, I left you cookies and "Rienndeer" carrots. I love lego's and Star Wars so much. Thank you and God Bless You. Love Dominic and the girls.

Zellie hugging John after the opening her pajamas.


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  1. I love reading what you write about...the memories you capture, the traditions you are creating! And I love Dominic's note to Santa, especially how he signed it! It reminds me of how Mathilda would introduce herself, "I am Mathilda and these are my boys." when there were only boys on each side of her.

    Thanks for letting me get to know your life! :)

    Merry Christmas!!