Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Uncle Dom

Dear Uncle Dom,
You said I never write about you so now I will. I was so thrilled you came home for Christmas. You are wonderful. You are thee funniest person I know hands down. God created you I think for the sole purpose of making people laugh. It is a gift. Thank you for surprising us and walking in the door. You made my year. I do not like when people are missing for the Holidays.
Thank you for being my brother. One of my favorite gifts you have is your natural and phenomenal way with babies and children. You are as confident with babies as any woman would be. You know how to play with young children and that is a gift. I laughed so hard the night you were begging me to talk to you because you said that all day you were a jungle gym, piggy backers, baby burper, lego builder, prince for the princesses. You melt my heart. Some girl won't believe what she has found when she finds you.
I am so proud of you. You live way too far away, but Florida has been good for you. Your football coach is right. You are a leader. You have way too many gifts, but you are using them wisely.

Uncle Dominic and Dominic
One of my best memories of you is you playing outside this summer with the kids in the old refrigerator box. You were out there forever and when I went out to see what you were doing with them you said, "I want to be little again." You were all squished in the box with four or five bouncing bodies all over you.

I love our tradition of you coming to see me in the hospital after I have a baby. I love our talks. You always love to "talk deep with Dom." I love that you bring me a shake. I love that I cry to you every time and you sit there smiling and tell me I am a good mother. It reminds me of dad. I love cooking for you because YOU LOVE FOOD.

I'll never forget the $100.00 you sent me for the birthday a long time ago. You were just a little kid so that had to equal $1,000,000 in little kid money. I promise I won't forget it.

I am so proud of you. I love you so much.


  1. Lindsay that was too sweet. The bachelorettes are lining up...

  2. this is just too sweet. I love the way you write about all your children and the people you love in such a heartfelt and true way. its so great to be able to say these things and bring back good memories.