Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nutcracker Ballet Camp

Be Still, My heart.

Just in case you didn't notice the best detail, check their hands. They kept hugging each other all morning in anticipation. Their little world forever changed today. Ballet has been introduced on a much more personal level. They are in love. I am in love.

They will have a friend for life.

Too sweet for words.
John and I were grinning so hard that our faces hurt. I couldn't look at him because we are notorious "cryers." We cry at everything. This, though, was WAY over the top. I literally felt my heart hurt with pride and ache at wonder of their smallness and innocence. This memory will be forever frozen in my heart and head.

We've wanted to get them in ballet for a while, but the cost is so expensive. This little camp was just for the morning and a great introduction to see if they would even like it. Oh my, are we in trouble.

This broke our hearts. I was telling my mother yesterday that Zellie will probably say most of her life, "Wait for me." She is always running after them saying that. She wanted so bad to go this morning. She even convinced me she was ready with black leotard, pink pants, and her pink cowboy boots. This hurt because I had set Lillie and Rose's clothes out and she obviously noticed the colors that were needed to attend the event. They had ballet slippers so she thought pink must be the obvious choice for shoe color attire. Oh, I would have let you go, but the ages were from 5-9.

Lillie is the first one out on the right. Rose is in the second group of girls on the right also.

Lillie is the third one in from the left and Rose is in blue at the very end. She is darling at the very end.

Rose enjoyed watching the older girls perform.


  1. ohh I cannot even handle the skipping! Rose adds an extra kick.
    I remember how much I wanted to be a ballerina at that age.

    Such precious moments to capture!

    ...and don't get me started on Zellie and the pink boots!

  2. I have a little lump in my throat seeing Zellie in that picture! My Benjamin has waited "all his life" to do what his big brothers do. It is so precious. You truly do have beautiful children!!

  3. I put Marianne in ballet one summer at the rec center and she loved it so much and was so heart wrenchingly sweet in her leotard and ballet shoes... I'd love to put her in ballet! It's been over two years since that it still tugs at me every time I see a studio. I wish it wasn't so expensive, and it's that much more so when there's more than one at the ballerina age.

    Your girls look wonderfully sweet! I LOVE the hand holding.

  4. Keith and I just watched this. Oh my. oh girls. what am I missing!!!! :-) How totally adorable!!