Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Aunt Kellan teaching you to mow for the first time.

Beautiful smile.

You really are the perfect son. I won't even begin to apologize for making such a statement. I marvel at your goodness, maturity, depth, awareness, prudence, diligence, kindness, and gentleness. You are everything I dreamed about when I thought of my future children as a young, unmarried woman.

God has blessed us with you. I know that you are a gift. I know it is nothing that we have done to cultivate in you the fine traits you exhibit. I can honestly say that with a pure heart. You have always been wise beyond your years. Even as a wee youngster, you were as such.

You spend your days drawing Star Wars maps, building Lego ships, reading, doing your school work, writing in your journal, asking about "Joe,Emma, Lucy, Paul" or "Thomas or Joe Vacek." You love your Aunt Kellan. You two are one. I love watching you two together. She was only 5 when you were born so you have always been close. You love to laugh together, walk the dogs together, or go to the store and get a special treat. She reads you and you read her.

When Clairvaux was born, I felt a huge sense of awareness of how BIG you have gotten and how little time you really have left in our home. I treasure our days together. I enjoy every ounce of time spent with you because I am so aware of the passing of these days. You love to eat out, getting together with other families, baking, you can make a mean scrambled egg with bacon grease, going to the library, Barnes and Noble, and have picked up on my love of antique shops ever since we visited one and you spotted an old pistol. You were hooked.

Your sisters couldn't love you more and rightly so. You are so good to them. Your patience and constant "giving in" amazes us. I tell them that they have the best big Brother. You have a way with Clairvaux that tickles me everyday. Your names never make sense, but are funny every time. Chunky Monkey Chicken Turtle was the choice name for today. You always say, "We have the best baby in the world."

This picture was precious to me because it still "retains small childhood." You asked me to watch how high you could jump out of the swing. It was so high (smile).
Dominic Boever, you have been blessed with many wonderful men before you. In this picture is your Great-Grandfather Marv and Great-Grandmother Nina, your grandpa, and your own father. Four generations of powerful, holy men. Your great-grandfather is setting the bar so high for us all. He so beautifully cares for his wife everyday, by himself. She has Alzheimer's and is like a child. He is amazing. He is always cheerful and positive and clearly knows where he is going and loves his wife with his whole heart. His daily life is unbelievable with her and has it down to perfection. Your great-grandfather Pete Hart died a month ago and you had the opportunity to go and visit him one last time. He had a special love for you. He called you Archimedes. Your Grandpa is like a father to me. I love him and his gentleness. Wally is one of the finest men I know. He, along with your other grandparents have left an amazing legacy.

This year, you were able to participate in Heritage School. You had a great day in the old school house. You met some boys who spent the day catching a snake. You brought lunch wrapped in a rag and wore clothes that depicted the era. You participated in the Spelling Bee and recited a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

You are a "note leaver." I am constantly finding notes around the house from you about anything and everything. I keep all of them.
This was your Schwan's order although we don't order from them. You wanted to give it a try.

You were able to serve mass for Fr. Konrade. Such a privilege.

Your first piano recital. You played "Fur Elise."

The world is opening up to you. It is beautiful and over-whelming as a mother. I want to see everything with you, do everything with you, and see it all through your eyes and wonder. We dream many wonderful things for you. I dream for you first to always be a good boy. Always do the right thing no matter what the crowd is doing. Be a leader. Lead strongly and others will follow. You have been given many gifts and strong natural inclinations towards goodness. Guard that and stay close to the sacraments. Be like your father in all ways. He is the perfect example. Study hard for the glory of God. Use your brain to lead others to Him.
Thank you for being my son. I am privileged to know you. I love our days together and am so glad you are home. I love you, my son.

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  1. you are such a wonderful writer and this will be so meaningful to your son one day! this really had me in tears