Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

I have to blog this because I want to remember how hard I laughed with John while watching this video. Serious tears were flowing not only because of the dorkiness of the video, but the comments people left below the video on YouTube were hysterical.
*note-if you happen to read the comments posted below the actual video on YouTube, some of them are very inappropriate*

Here is a sampling of our favorites:

'4 of them are wearing leather jackets, and the other guy is wearing ... a cardigan?"

"I have a girlfriend and this is our fav song"

"They were really pumped to jam this song out. They are walking so fast. I can imagine the conversation that went down. "Hey guys, put on your tightest jeans and head for the cliche 80's music video warehouse to rock out!"

Our favorite:
"This is what me and friends look like when we go to Subway for brunch..."

I really do love funny people.

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