Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where is Vianney?

I am grateful for finding funny in the ordinary everyday life with children. They play so cute because usually they are serious about what they are doing that it is so funny. For example, the picture below. I walked into the room and I hear, "Mom, can you find us?" (giggle, giggle) I laughed out loud because this is what I see on the couch. Let's see, I wonder where they are? They would giggle because they really thought they were hiding from me.

Oh Nelly, so shocked I found them.

So, they proceed to have me leave the room so they can hide again. I come into the room and ask, "Where is Rose?" Do you see the pointy finger? Be still, my heart.

Valentine's Day 2011

C-Vo has entered the stage where she allows no one but me to hold her. It drives my sisters completely batty. This is what she does if anyone takes her from me (and then goes into complete hyperventilation mode). Dominic told me that this is his favorite thing she does. "Mom, I love when Clairvaux looks up at me." I love how he delights in her. He usually asks me every day,"Why do we have the cutest baby...I mean...other babies are really cute, but Clairvaux is the cutest."

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  1. That's funny because my daughter Stella always says to me, "Mom, I didn't know that we would ever get the cutest baby in the world."