Friday, February 11, 2011

Fancy Nancy

She really did learn to sit up and crawl in one day. I had one other child who conquered such challenges. It really is adorable. First, her little tush goes in the air and then lands promptly on her back feet and before you know it, little ball of baby sitting here and there.

I told John that I love getting her up in the morning because usually I see a little nape of the neck facing the door and she is bent over examining her pajamas or something intricate of the sorts. I closed the door and sat watching her for a while. Try it.

This is her show-off pose. She gets lots of cheering and then she arches like a seal. Smooch to that cuteness.

I said yesterday "Didn't we just have her?" Why is she sitting up in her bed? I felt like pushing her down, but didn't. It all goes way too fast for me.

These are the videos that only the mother of the child and the child's aunts who live in Florida love to watch over and over. Thank you very much.

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  1. she just gets cuter and cuter! come back soon so I can squeeze her!