Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who told her to strike a pose?

Zellie is currently going through a pose phase. I've noticed in every picture we take of her she is posing. Quite cute.

She started Montessori a couple weeks ago and it has been a riot. At the school, an older woman by the name of Sylvia is the Spanish teacher. I can tell Zellie is really enjoying getting to know Sylvia. She speaks only Spanish to the students. When I am dropping them off, I often hear under Zellie's breath "There's Sylvia." She isn't talking to me, just to herself. I wait everyday for Zellie to run up to the door and I hear the following,
Sylvia: "Hola, Zellie!" (happy to see Zellie)
Zellie: "Hola, Sylvia." (Serious intonation) She won't let on that she likes her.
Yesterday, I heard talk going on in the back seat about Sylvia's yellow shirt. They must have like it.

As one can notice from the pictures, the older three girls started ballet class this past month. Did I really have to do this to myself? 100% for my pure enjoyment. They are precious. Zellie is over the top precious. She loves being with the girls and we have to peel the leotard off her most days because she lives in it. I have noticed a new dance move happening in the living room. Lots and lots of "flying" turns with a certain 3 year old head being dramatically thrown back upon landing. Hmmmmm.

Rose is very concerned about Zellie's leotard every day. We told the girls that a lady doesn't show her shoulders. Of course, Rose would be the one to remind me and Zellie that she shouldn't wear her leotard because her shoulders are showing. I can only imagine Rose's horror at Zellie's above pictured swimwear.

Did you notice whose legs joined them?

Next year, we will have another set of legs when Clairvaux is able.