Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy 33rd Birthday, Sweetness!

To my Dear Johnny,
(My song to You!)

I could write a novel to you. I am so glad your parents were open to life and had YOU! For that simple fact alone, I will always be grateful to THEM for having you and raising such a splendid person. Most probably don't know you have an identical twin sister (wink, wink). Your mother didn't know she was having twins until after your sister was born. You were born 45 minutes later. You were big babies weighing almost 8 pounds each.

I love your knowledge of philosophy, theology, human nature, politics, and goodness. You seek goodness and recognize it. My little sisters are all "looking for a John." Kathryn will ask me "How will I know when I have found a John?" As my mother always tells me, "They don't make 'em like John anymore." Oh, so true. You are a rare gem indeed. You are what I had prayed for my whole life. I will remember our car drives as you singing and whistling to country music. I asked you what your dream job was and you said to be an Ultimate Frisbee Player or a Country Music Singer and then said "whatever allows me to be home with you more."
I think your middle name is Sacrifice. You do it so well that you almost trick me into believing you love doing the hard thing. You are a joyful giver with your time, talent, and treasure. Your parents taught you that well. They are just like that! I often watch you and think, "I am watching a saint in the making." You do the small things to perfection be it bathing the little ones or mowing the lawn. No one weed eats like you.
I love so many things about you and I. I love calling you at work to just laugh or tell you something funny. I love our inside jokes. I love that we stay up way too late watching movies, eating, and talking. I love that we start movies at midnight. I love that we talk to each other as if we are in the the TV series "24" together. I love more than anything watching you be a father. You are tender and gentle. You take your vocation so seriously. Your children are loved by their father. You know them as well as I know them. Their likes, dislikes, favorite foods, favorite outfits, favorite colors, favorite princess. You make it all a priority to you.
Thank you always for sacrificing and choosing the hard road. Thank you for making my family so important to you. Thank you for making my friends important to you. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift in our marriage~our children. We are so blessed. I couldn't love you more. Happy 33rd Birthday!


  1. he is one my my role models! :) You have one special husband!

  2. It must be a "John" thing. :) My daddy is a John and I can't imagine having a better daddy. I wish everyone could have a dad like him. Your children are blessed and so are mine...even if they got a Cody. :)