Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everyone's losing teeth around here

Our tooth fairy has been fired. I forget every night. Teeth are falling out left and right at our house. Lots and lots of braces are in the future for Johnny and I.

Dominic's 47th tooth.

Lillie's third baby tooth to retire.

Rose's first tooth to give it up.

All of John's teeth.

Somebody still has zero teeth at 10 months. Razor gums get her through most meals. I just discovered Mum-Mums for babies. I usually give her one of these while preparing dinner and it will keep her occupied.


  1. I am cracking up!

    Seriously, it's like a giant loose tooth wiggling dance party over here. Throw in Peter's teething, and our whole world is revolving around teeth. And we, too, have a very forgetful tooth fairy. Ugh.

  2. Those pictures are hilarious! Thank´s for sharing.