Sunday, May 15, 2011

Praying for Mao

Dominic asked me this morning if he could bring four quarters to mass. I thought he was going to put them in the collection basket, but after mass he eagerly jumped up and asked if he could go light a candle.

He went over and lit two candles. He then came back over to me and remembered he had a few more intentions so he went back over and lit a few more.

On the way home from mass, he told me he lit four candles and offered them for specific people.
We asked who.

He said, "Megan, Papa Nick, Grandpa Sho-Sho, and Mao."

Do you know who Mao is?

He was the infamous Chinese leader responsible for killing an estimated 40-70 million people.

So, so, so funny and makes me quiver at God's promptings. Why would he have Dominic pray for Mao? So interesting. I wonder how many people prayed for Mao's soul today? Not I, says the blind man.

Dominic, you're such a good, good boy. Always say your prayers.

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