Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Andrew is funny.

My brother sent this little gem today that made John and I laugh all day.
We had been discussing large families via email:

This is what Andrew said,

"Seriously, I should live stream all this action and get play-by-play commentary….I can just see the advertisement on TV…

“Now on CBS…in an all new and new type of ‘Survivor,’ ------A tired mom. A crazy baby. A now crazy mother. An aggravated father in his boxers. A 2 ½ year old wetting her pants in the middle of the night. --------WHO will lose? WHO will bail first? WHO will stumbled out of bed and kick the toy car on their way to the babies bedroom? A prime time reality show about happiness. Joy. Poop and bed hair (and sometimes these last 2 are in the same place, smashed together.)”

That is funny stuff and Andrew isn't funny in person, but email brings out his humor.

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