Friday, July 29, 2011

YDC-Young Detective Club

Dominic still is at the great age where he believe almost anything little kids should believe. You know, like he really is a detective if he dresses up like one. He loves filling out surveys on in hopes of winning a trip to Disney Land with 1 in 1,000,000 chance. He believes it though and checks the mail everyday to see if they picked his lego design.

I once created a fictitious handwriting contest that the winner would be awarded "A Golden C3PO." He diligently completed his handwriting everyday and mailed in entries complete with "stamps" that closely resembled stickers I found at a garage sale. :) I found a gold colored C3PO figurine at Target one night while shopping and couldn't believe my two blue eyes.
I wrapped it up, created an award certificate, and put it in our mail box. I had him check the mail that day. I recorded him opening the mail box and finding the manilla envelope. I'll never forget his expression from across the street. His hands were outstretched and I could read his lips, "Momma, Momma, I WON. I WON." It was our Willy Wonka Bar moment.

We've entered many LEGO design contests which have inspired his sisters to create. Even if Vianney clicks together two LEGO pieces she brings it to me to "take a pitcher" (take a picture).
His current phase happened after he discovered the book "The Young Detective's Handbook." He devoured the book and has been set on performing much of the desired requirements. Fingerprinting, tracking, taking notes, observing. He wrote down all our neighbor's license plates. We found spy kits at the Dollar Tree which provided hours of fingerprinting fun. I haven't figured out yet what the white fingerprinting dust we purchased for a dollar was.

This day, he was determined to sneak up on the girls playing in the backyard and wanted so much to go unnoticed. I bet they noticed his disguise being we were the only ones in the backyard together, but he believed he "blended in."
He sent letters to several of his friends to see if they wanted to join the club. They had to circle YES or NO. The circling was very important.

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