Thursday, August 4, 2011

There's nothing like a Dollar Tree Birthday

I celebrated my 34th year of life in July in fine fashion. If you've not experienced a Dollar Tree Birthday, well you are missing out on all the good things in life. I've requested this now for a couple years and every year proves to be better than the last. The only strict instruction I give John is that he takes pictures and remembers the things they say.
I was greeted at the door and ordered to put on my party hat.

Lillie always organizes the banner making.

It is fun to me because they can pick from the whole store what they think "I" would like best.

Here is the run down the gift selection (not in order by favorite):

From Dominic:
Dom selected this angel bell. We pray the Angelus at noon and he thought this should replace our school bell. Perfect.

From Lillie:
She went through terrible distress trying to figure out what to give me reported the male parent. Lillie knows my heart so she couldn't figure out whether she should satisfy my sweet tooth or buy me something elegant.

Lillie got me lilies.
Two packs of M&Ms and Vanilla Wafers.

From Rose:
Rose is a simpleton. She is precise and decisive and always proud of her selection.
Good ole Aunt Rose.

From Zellie:
Zellie won the "Please let me take you to the Dollar Tree everyday" award. I guess she was unstoppable in the cute antics department. John said she was dropping lines left and right. I think she was shaking when I opened her gift due to proudness. She KNEW I had been wanting a watch so what better gift than a princess watch which I might add has a flip top (take that!!) and matching purple necklace and beads.

This was her first selection...ROPE which she thought was yarn. If only.

From Vianney:
A party hat. She was just glad to be there.

From Clairvaux:
Ole' Johnny he is a character. He had Clair's little note wrapped up and in her hand.

My dear Kristi took me to our favorite spot, The Oven. You are good to me.

I am spoiled. It was a wonderful day. Since I take them out to breakfast on their birthday, they each wanted to take me out individually on my birthday for breakfast. Oh my.


  1. Oh Dollar Tree gifts. There is NOTHING like them. That's where my kids do all their Christmas shopping (thank heavens for a patient husband willing to take them out for that shopping trip!) and I love seeing what they've picked.

    You look radiant in your pictures. It was clearly a fabulous birthday!

  2. "...ROPE which she thought was yarn. If only" it. Can't wait till I start getting these gifts!

  3. Hooray for Dollar Tree:) Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Precious! We just enjoyed the bountiful spread of Dollar Tree ourselves for a little Christmas in July celebration...your children definitely have refined taste. ;) Glad you had a happy birthday!

  5. What a great idea--dollar tree birthday. I'm totally going to make my husband do this when our girls are old enough. What precious memories for you. And what mother wouldn't love a princess watch? Haha.

    Also, thank you for your comment on my blog and for your prayers. We really do appreciate them.

    God bless and happy belated birthday!

  6. Love all of it! You are one lucky mamma!

  7. Wait a thought my family was the only one who did this...only it's walmart and we break into teams....

    Happy birthday!

  8. The Oven was also our favorite restaurant in Lincoln, hands down. They opened a nice Indian place here now, and it is good-- but the soup and papadum at The Oven are superior! Sorry you are so sick, and praying for quick healing!