Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vianney & Clairvaux=Friends Forever

They are best friends. Although, I hear a lot of "Cware!" they usually get along just dandy because SHOCKINGLY Clairvaux dominates easy-going Vianney. Vianney is the type of kid that is glad she was born. She wakes up happy and content to sit in her bed until retrieved, eats breakfast happily, takes her morning bath happily, and just continues her day happy. The extent of her requests are a mid-morning Yo-durt (yogurt). On the other hand, Clairvaux is spicy. She is adorable and the entire family gives her way more attention than one person should ever get, but besides that watching her and Vianney is dear to my heart.

One of their many games-feeding each other water with a spoon.

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