Thursday, December 1, 2011

I feel as though I can't keep this from you any longer

Meet Frida:

I can no longer keep this product to myself. This is my FAVORITE baby product hands down. When I first brought it home, John gagged. I gagged. Gross, but being continually frustrated with little people who can't blow their nose especially infants and babies THIS will save your life. Promise. John wouldn't use it for a year and finally this winter he tried it and says every morning, "I love Frida." In fact, I might be jealous because of how fondly he speaks of her and the way he looks at her. We traveled to Kansas for Thanksgiving and pulling out of the driveway I asked John if we had everything to which he replied, "Did you grab Frida?" Not only does it clear their nose out, but it clears everything thing out from here to I don't know where. The suction you get is awesome and then THEY can breathe without snorting snot for a week and you can sleep. I cannot tell you how many babies where up all night because they couldn't breathe because of crusty colds and nose gunk. It also helps to prevent the cold from dropping into their chest.

Disclaimer: Telling you about this product is like telling you my underwear size, how much John makes, or other personal information. "I can't believe she uses that thing" you might say, but I promise There is NO WAY in the HAY you can get snot into YOUR mouth. There is a filter. Promise.

Also, if you decide to be smart and purchase one, you do not have to write me a thank you note. (I am humbly bowing here in my living room right now.) If you don't buy one and struggle through the winter with your baby and their colds, I will say "I tried to tell you so."

Frida can be bought here or here.

You are most welcome, sucker!

a little additional note on usage: put the red tip in your mouth first and then put the blue sucker into the baby's nose.


  1. this made me ralph after i realized how u got the snot... nothing like suckin out someone else Luigi ;)

  2. We love the nose frida, too! Works infinitely better than those bulb syringes!

  3. I had heard of this contraption before but did not know the name. So glad you posted about it as I ordered mine. I have a newborn at home that has been keeping me awake with his snotty breathing. The bulb just doesn't get it all.

  4. OH my word!! never heard of that...DOES sound gross, but there's nothing like listening to your poor babe have trouble breathing and he/she can't do anything about it! I'll have to look into it!

  5. NOTHING works better! We love this product too! Circle Me here in town sells them.

  6. When I first saw the photo I thought, no, it can't be. I'm very thankful to learn you don't actually get anything in your mouth, but, surely you must get some weird taste. Let me tell you, that contraption is powered, not by breath, but by love.

  7. I am crying from laughing at this post! We are all done with that here (my youngest is 6) be there is a whole new round of my nieces and nephews gettin' married and havin' the babes. So you know what my shower gift will be forever more. They will mock me - but eventually they will thank me.

    You'd better be right. I'm trusting you. Anyone who can make me laugh that hard about a product like this HAS to be someone I can trust.