Friday, December 2, 2011

Human Anatomy

We just finished up studying part of the human body and each child was able to make their own body, organs, and muscles. They really enjoyed it and learned so much. Sometimes I can't remember if I ever went to school or not. I spend most of the time teaching them thinking to myself "I didn't know that!"

Lillie's hair must have been blowin' in the wind.

Rose's organs colored perfectly.
Zellie dressed herself this morning. Once again, Zellie continues to make our day when we have to remind ourselves that she is four, but knows all her internal organs. Gerbil voice.
As always, somebody thinks they too participated in schooling events. To appease the little raccoon, I took her picture. She walked away saying what she always says after somebody takes her picture "Prepre" which translated into English means pretty. She cracks me up. I always mutter under my breath when she insists upon such activities "dork." She had no idea what she was doing, but if your siblings stand by a wall and take a picture so do you.

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