Saturday, December 17, 2011

Making my Nest Part 1

Nesting. I feel it kicking in. Although, it has to be somewhat disordered. I start hyper-organizing, purging, throwing, giving, cleaning, and disinfecting our home in preparation for the new baby to come. With Lillie, I even scrubbed the walls of each room. My friends and I joke that we act like we will NEVER be able to clean EVER again so we have to do it NOW. My friend told me that she even unscrewed the fronts to her washer and dryer and vacuumed out the dust.

Our game closet looked like this most days. I have a great distaste for board game boxes, but never knew what to do about it. The boxes are always broken, smashed, and the pieces are everywhere. No matter how well I cleaned and organized the closet, it would all just get dumped out especially by the shorter people in the house.

My friend told me about these tubs at Wal-mart with locking lids. PERFECT! I printed off labels so each box could easily be identified.

After initially driving out to Wal-mart and buying 25,000 tubs, I knew I had to start pacing myself because I was putting everything in our house in a tub with a nice little label on it.

It does indeed feel great to have the home in order.


  1. Weird...I spent one day last week doing the exact same thing to our puzzles...seeing as I love how our games generally stay in some order thanks to those tubs!!! Arnt they great! It makes me happy for you to see your game closet organized, knowing you as well as I do, I'm sure the closet now merits the "walking past it deliberately just to glance at it"!

  2. Oh, please, please come to my closets! PLEASE???

  3. Now that is a sight of beauty. This is a dangerous post for me...I see $$$ spent on plastic in my future. Are they really big enough to hold board games?