Monday, January 16, 2012

Raising Jerry Lewis

To begin with, this is Jerry a.k.a. Clairvaux. Yes, she is building with Legos and does so often several times a day. I will walk by, see that she has pushed a chair up to the chosen lego counter, and sit and build lego creations. She brings her creations to me and repeats what few words she says, "PrePre." Pretty. She is not quite 18 months old and we are convinced Jerry does this to make us laugh. It is the neck. The bent over neck working always gets me.


I really, really wish I could speak to Jerry Lewis's mother. I have had babies do funny things before, but I have never had a funny baby as in their basic temperament is to be a comedian.
She actually does this face when she is in trouble. She knows we laugh, so she does it.

My college age brother will even call to ask if he can come over to hang out with Clairvaux. She really is a cartoon-character.

Most of her antics need to be experienced in person like her squat walk, her purposeful diaper standoffs that consist of her tapping her finger on the floor for ME to come to her, her appetite that competes with John's own insane food consumption

She practices everyday, several times a day. She will pick her choice book, find her right page, and then "practice" with two fingers often singing something we haven't translated.

Not less than an hour before this, she was freshly bathed, dressed, and hair combed.

My sister claims she is "Stuart" in this video. I can't decide if she is more like Jerry or more like Stuart. Regardless, it is fun to have a funny baby in the family. They are hard to raise, but as my aunt said, "They make great adults."

Please watch this video to understand our Stuart.