Sunday, January 15, 2012

Posts on Motherhood and our Earthly Life-My Experiences


The past two weeks I have had the opportunity to discuss with four different mothers in four separate settings the issue of motherhood and being a wife. All four of these women are amazing mothers and wives devoted to their families and trying each day to raise children for heaven and be a good wife yet they are struggling. A few are struggling to the point of having a nervous breakdown. They cannot see what good they are doing and only are able to see their shortcomings. I wish they could see what good they are doing, how trying it is to be a mother everyday, and that the biggest tool the devil uses is DISCOURAGEMENT. He is very sly and uses it well. I tried to reassure them that I've learned when we are struggling most is when we are closest to Christ and our WORK IS MOST PLEASING TO HIM. Backwards in this worldly view, yet true in the Heavenly view. When we are stripped of all comforts be it friendship, confidence, assurance, order, sanity, etc. as He was, we are sharing most intimately in His Passion and THAT IS THE GREATEST GIFT TO HIM.

I am assuming that due to having spoken with four different women in the past two weeks that there are many, many other mothers out there who "aren't doing well" or "barely making it." I felt the need, as an army working together, to encourage, reassure, console, comfort, and pray for all mothers out there raising children to let them know you are doing just fine and more importantly that WHEN YOU ARE struggling, frustrated, having doubts, feeling discouraged, suffering, it is then your efforts are MOST PLEASING TO HIM. Remember, it is backwards on this earth.


Most of the time, He is not calling us to change anything, but to rest in His arms and say, "I accept." That is my New Year's Resolve-to say "I Accept." When I feel the anxiety, questions beginning in my head whatever the issue, I say "I Accept."


I've reposted a few items I've written in the past only in the attempt to let others know you are not alone and your emotions and feelings are spot on. Repeated again, It usually doesn't mean we need to CHANGE anything, JUST CARRY ON saying "I Accept."


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  1. Thank you Lindsay for all of your wonderful and sound advice and wisdom. It is always encouraging to read your posts and feels like a little boost to keep going and love every minute of being with our children.

  2. Can't thank you enough for that post, Lindsay! Just had a conversation (more of a desperate outpouring) to my husband about my concerns regarding this. So this was the reassurance that I needed. I feel I'm lucky that I really want to always be with my kids. I don't struggle with wanting to get out of the house and go for a run on their time. I want to soak up every moment with them. I try to do "me" things like running when they are asleep, so at the end of the day when more than 2 are crying. All I can think is, "my best isn't good enough." Maybe it comes from a little nervous guilt from have many children. I have 7 under 12. How do you deal with that concern; giving everyone what they need. Love the support and encouragement I get from your blog.