Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank you for your prayers

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanksgiving for your prayers. We brought Vianney home this evening around 6:30. We couldn't believe how well she did in recovery at the hospital. Little Sweetheart. I can tell her real pain is starting to settle in. God teaches you so many lessons even through a child having their tonsils taken out. We woke her up at 6:15 this morning and her darling face was so precious, full of smiles and she trustingly took my hand as we headed out the door. She was smiling at my mother.

"Where we goin' mama?" She was so happy to be with John and I and so trusting.
I learned that we must have that same relationship with Christ. We must grab His hand like she did ours TRUSTING. Even though we were about to cause her lots of pain, ultimately WE ARE TRYING TO HELP HER. That is how He works with us. I felt that heart hurt pain that you get when watching your sweet child.

She didn't even question us or try to resist. She just rode so sweetly to the hospital in her pajamas and holding her blanket so excited to be going somewhere.

At times like these, I am so grateful that I know suffer can be used for a greater glory. We can offer everything as a gift to Him. It makes everything all better and can actually turn it into a joyful situation because we know we are consoling His heart.

Thank you again!

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