Monday, January 2, 2012

A View into the Womb

24 weeks

SOMEBODY was being a little too quiet last week. I hadn't notice you move one night, but waited until the next day and still nothing. You aren't a crazy mover by trade, but I can always get you to move. After an afternoon nap, I tried for about 30 minutes, but no movement. I told myself if you hadn't moved by 4:00 I would call the doctor. No movement. I called Dr. McNeely and he wanted me to come right in.

He found your heartbeat right away, but very uncharacteristically sent me over immediately for an ultrasound. He is about as relaxed as they come so for him to say this I immediately said, "What's wrong or what are you looking for?" He reassured me nothing, but just wanted to make sure there wasn't a reason you weren't moving a lot.

I haven't seen you since you were 12 weeks old. The tech took an extra long time measuring you and checking your blood flow. I have never had an ultrasound to this length. Such a treat. Everything looked great! I enjoyed seeing you, but don't ever do that again.


  1. Glad everything is okay! I've always loved ultrasounds, too, especially when they are long. Seeing that little face, little toes... so precious. Looks like your little sweetie is already sporting a fashionable black headband in that shot! Gonna fit right in. ;)

  2. Oh, lovely. The baby, that is! I'm so glad to see her. I bet you were glad to see that little stinker too, even if she did scare you pretty bad. ;) Those days where baby doesn't move much scare me, too. It's all I can think about, all I can focus on, the only thing I can worry about til I feel those little feet kick again. Oh, the joys and woes of pregnancy! Hello, Baby, Lucky Seven!

    (No, I'm not pregnant, just vividly remembering.)

  3. Your conclusion to this post is so sweet: "Such a treat!...Don't do that again." :)