Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guest Post-Finding Great Joy

Cynthia over at Finding Great Joy started a great series this week about mothers and the morning routine. She kindly asked me what we do around our home in the mornings so head on over to her blog to read what advice other mothers passed on to her.

I enjoyed reading Monday and Tuesdays posts and especially enjoyed looking through Leila's
Like Mother, Like Daughter organizational tips.

God Bless Your Day!


  1. beautiful words Lindsay. i'm so glad i know you in real life! you are an amazing mother and i'm grateful we are friends!

  2. That was a fabulous post. I need to enforce "rest time" every day. I think it would save my sanity. I would love to hear your tips on bedtime.... :o)

  3. Loved this post! Some days I don't get a shower until noon, and those days are definitely not my best days! I would love to hear more about your mornings: what time you get up, how you can manage to bathe all your children and still make it out of the house in the morning if need be, and just a general timeline I think would be so helpful! Also, I would love to hear about your sleeping arrangements, and how it works in your house with little girls taking varying naps- do they not wake each other up? Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom!

  4. Lindsay, I really enjoyed this post. Thank´s for sharing your thoughts! God bless from Germany, Nicole.