Thursday, March 1, 2012



I was cleaning the bunk bed room the other day with my backside facing the door.
Vianney walked in and said in her lispy, smokers voice,
"MOM! You have a big bottom!"
She then promptly walked out. Darn.
I resisted the urge to say something immature back like "Well, at least I can style my hair (see above picture.) Truth hurts.
So, I simply said "Thank You."


  1. Ah! This post is a small sanity-saver today. If my 18 month old could talk, he'd say, "Mom! You're bi-polar!" I wouldn't have nearly as much grace as you and I'd simply reply, "Well, I'm 36 weeks pregnant. What's your excuse?"

  2. Yes, child. Thank you for the update. I myself have been the beneficiary of several such comments, many referring to the size of my (non-pregnant-but-looks-pregnant) tummy, the size of my rear end, or the circles under my eyes. My retort is, "it's all because of ... I mean ... for you, kids. It's all for you."