Thursday, March 1, 2012


I know you know you are my heart. I know you know that for now you are my only son. History knows the relationship between a mother and her sons is something special. We just click. We have the same interests, loves, passions, and personality. Our relationship is not work. I am grateful to God for you and for you being such a good son. I am blessed by you every day. Most of your qualities you get from your father. The constant reminder to the girls, "Make mom's job easier. Listen to mom." Believe you me, I notice all your good will. I notice every time that you ALWAYS listen the first time. You told me yesterday you want to work at Trader Joe's. "Mom, they wouldn't even have to pay me if they would just let me bring home my favorite foods."
It is not just me, Dominic. People who meet you always tell me what a pleasure it is to have met you. Your sacrificial ways, your awareness of others feelings, needs, and wants. You are always looking to help and make things easier for others.
This evening, I took you to Goodwill to look for a wig for the Patrick Henry presentation you've been preparing. We are like each other even in our Goodwill treasure hunting desires. You scanned each aisle picking up random objects and studying them all with a constant dialogue going on. "Mom, look at this!" "Oh, the girls would love this." "Maybe we should get this for Vianney?" Until you are a parent, you will never understand the joy you bring to my heart even at Goodwill. Also, you will never understand the small heartache that accompanies those precious events in our lives together. I stood watching your almost 10-year-old self half smiling from ear-to-ear and half wanting to cry. How are you THAT big? I know I just had you. I feel like I want to grab the time and make it stop.

My highlights this evening with you were the following:

1. You wanted to buy a plaster bust of Mozart to put near our piano. Although, you did point out that it might bonk Clairvaux on the head so you suggested we buy a small shelf to display it on above the piano.

2. You became enamored by a glass corncob pipe that would be a perfect completion to your Sherlock Holmes outfit. I told you that we could get the pipe to which you said, "Oh no, I don't want to spend your money." I reassured you that it was fine and you insisted. I said, "Honey, I want to buy it for you."

3. You casually walked by a musical carousel that had 80th engraved on the front. You said, "We could get this for someone on their 80th." Yep, we sure could.

4. My favorite-You and your sisters think the YMCA is pronounced YIM-CA. You found a small 2x2 inch marble plaque with a large coin glued to the top. There were several words thanking the recipient for their years of service. On the front of the plaque was a small name plate that said "Vern Braeburn." Oh my, you knew this would complete your treasure collection. You even told me later that your grandkids would love to find this when you were older. You said that you would tell them the story about how you got it and how their great-grandmother bought it for you. We didn't purchase Vern Braeburn's plaque but I will remember you looking at over and over.

I hope I tell you enough what a blessing you are to our family. I really do mean it when I tell you "I am privileged to know you."


  1. I can't stop giggling about the 80th comment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. me too. please get it for me on my 80th Dominic! I love knowing you as well, you are a wonderful boy!

  3. I still use the "what would Dominic do?" line with William because it works. He is such a virtuous boy.

  4. I love Sauce so much!!! I was ten when he was born! Love Aunt Durdle

  5. Hi, Lindsay! I just had to take a moment to tell you how inspired I am by your blog. What a source of encouragement and beauty! I found my way here via your guest post over at Cynthia's blog (which was equally inspiring) and look forward to following along! Take care!

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