Friday, March 9, 2012

Crazy Town in Ring Town

I was reading yesterday the signs in my baby book about what to look for when you have Preeclampsia. Not that I was question my current state, but it happened to be that chapter coordinating with my gestational week.

Don't get me wrong I think I have hoped at some points I had preeclampsia from the mere and only perspective to explain the swelling and weight gain. Certainly, it couldn't be the amount of food and type of food I am consuming. Nope. Nope. Nope. One of the well-known symptoms is excessive swelling. It EVEN stated in the book that you might have to get your ring cut off your finger if it starts to hinder circulation. I really did think to myself, "Darn, that would be tragic to oneself. I would be sad if they had to cut my wedding ring off."

Jinx. After a nice snooze, I came out to start dinner. On the menu for the evening meal,
Pioneer Woman's Super Sonic Breakfast Burritos. We have become cheese snobs and usually only buy this $5,000,000 per brick cheese at our local Red Clover store. It is magnificently good and worth driving over to buy. Anyway, I knew this cheese would make these savory burritos even more tasty.

John got home from work and I decided to drive over real quick to get the cheese. I was spinning my wedding ring on my finger and noticed that it went all the way around without my finger being stopped at the main Marquis in the middle. I looked down to see this. It was gone and completely broken off.


I was shocked. I called John and told him to which he replied, "GREAT! There goes $32,000!" We have an on-going joke about how much my ring really did cost. I still don't know so he periodically drops funny hints to lead me to believe certain numbers.

It is always a sad feeling to lose something so sentimental, but I think I was more in shock because I didn't even know where to begin to look for it. I had just looked at it ironically that day when I read about preeclampsia and the whole ring cutting off finger ordeal, but what are the chances????

We prayed to St. Anthony to find it somehow.

This morning, I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes. Vianney had thrown her spoon into the sink and it went down the drain, but was sticking out a bit. John had eaten some strawberries and one of the green stems was stuck at the bottom of the sink drain so I grabbed a cup of water to wash it down.

That is when I noticed it. There it was! Sticking on the back of Vianney's spoon, hanging for dear life onto the black sink rubber gripper just waiting to flushed down the drain. I told the kids not to talk. I think I felt any disturbance in the force would make it fall. I grabbed my pluckers and tried to grab it, but only sent it down the drain. Going against all childhood fears and warnings, I stuck my hand down the drain, feeling around near the deadly disposable blade and found the diamond.

I took a picture because I knew nobody would believe me unless I did. When John came home and I replayed the story to him and replied, "That is such a crazy story that it is almost unbelievable."

See it! Just sitting there on the back of the spoon.

Less than 24 hours later I found it! Why there? Where had it been? Why was it trying to end its own life only for me to catch a glance out of the corner of my eye and notice it? Do you know how many people had used the sink from the time I noticed it gone? So weird.

St. Anthony has never let me down, but this definitely wins the award. I almost looked around to see if he was winking at me somewhere.


  1. I love this! St. Anthony has never let me down, either...and this just tops them all!

  2. Lindsay. I'm a relatively new follower! I enjoy your wisdom and your beautiful family. I appreciate your example for me as a relatively "newlywed" of ~3 years with 2 little ones already. Your wisdom is very helpful. This story was insane, so insane I had to share it with my husband. I'm so glad you found it. :)

  3. St. Anthony has never let me down either, but he definitely has a sense of humor. I don't know how many times I've prayed then found the thing I'm looking for, in a spot that I've already checked a billion Glad you found it!

  4. I am loving that Pioneer Woman wrote up a "recipe" for a Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito. Love those! I mean, I could have recreated them on my own, but something about following her recipe gives it some validity. Rock on!

    As for the ring - what Renee's said. Crazy! I've had similarly whacky answers to prayer, but never with anything quite so valuable. :)

  5. St. Anthony has never failed me either. :) Nor St. Joseph in the sale of our home. :) Isn't it amazing what a little prayer can do?

  6. you always have such good stories. your kids are lucky that they will get to retell such doozies to their children one day! so happy that you found it!

  7. wow, what a story!!

  8. I can't stop looking at the picture!!! Seriously, freakishly amazing.