Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zoo and IMAX 2012

For the fourth year in a row, we headed to Omaha for our annual Big Zoo trip and IMAX viewing. It is an event sponsored by Nebraska Eye and Laser. They are ridiculously generous to each family that attends. Not only do they pay for the zoo and IMAX admittance, but allow each person a popcorn, pop, and choice of large candy bar from the concessions. After the movie, they cater a fabulous dinner at the Treetops Restaurant that overlooks the Lied Jungle.
The weather was perfect. Dominic and Zellie had been sick this past week so our attendance was iffy, but they pulled through.
To say we look forward to this event every year would be an understatement. Dominic writes on his calendar the days counting backward to scratch off. Lillie and Rose each gave two presentations at CC about the event. They love every bit of it. I would love to know how BIG it is in their heads.

The Lied Jungle is one of their favorite attractions. They love crossing this waterfall bridge. Can you only imagine what that is like to a child? John and I always spend the entire day catching each other's eye and commenting about such and such child. Clairvaux was so good. She about came out of her skin looking at her people-the Monkeys.

When we were pulling up to the zoo, they were squealing with excitement. So many different comments happening at once about what they were looking forward to most. Dominic took pictures of everything to show my sister. There is nothing like looking at other people's zoo pictures. He KNEW she would be excited to see them. Our favorite of the day was the orangutan exhibit. One kept covering his head with a table cloth and then peeking out of different corners to see if people were gone. I told John that a zoo should be 85% primates and 20% other animals. I sat forever watching these animals. So funny. One monkey was sitting high up on a branch balancing himself on his rumpus and holding his feet. Everybody crowds around this exhibit. You certainly don't see people gawking at the rhinos for minutes upon minutes.

Each child has their own way of taking in events. Lillie gets really excited and picks up her siblings 100 times. She just can't believe the fun. What I will remember about her this trip is her wearing this elephant hat all day with her hair frazzled. She was so completely unaware.
She was so busy taking in everything, seeing everything, and participating in every way.

I love that about children. I also want to remember Dominic, Lillie, Rose, and Zellie watching the movie with their big 3-D glasses. The show was about Sharks. They would reach out to grab the fish. When a shark would come, they would lean away from the screen. John and I watched them most of the movie. They enjoy each event 100% no strings attached.

After the movie, I was able to save us a seat right next to the monkeys in the jungle. I ordered the kids each a Shirley Temple before they got there so it was so sweet to see them walk up and see our table. There are very few things that are better in life than watching your child completely enjoy themselves on the simple things in life.

Dominic took around 50 photos of the Desert Dome upon leaving. He kept saying, "I can't believe it's over." I remember those memories of my childhood. He would look back at the dome every chance he could until he couldn't see it anymore. I asked John when this trip will stop being fun to them. He was frantically snapping pictures as we were leaving.