Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Guessing Game 2012


We polled our children to see what they predict their new sibling will be and what we should name him or her.

Papa-(age 20)-"I think by the looks of your pupils it is boyish...although I think it is a girl. We should name her Catherine Damaris. I think she will be born April 9th."

Mama-(age 21)-"I think Girl. Although everybody in America tells me I look like a boy. I wonder if they mean I, as in myself, look like a boy or if my round stomach looks like a boy. Hopefully, the later. I was getting my traditional pre-baby pedicure last night and all 45 Vietnamese ladies at the shop grabbed my stomach and said many things in Vietnamese and I heard "Boy" at the end followed by excessive giggling."

Dominic (age 10)-"I think the baby is a boy and I would love to have a brother named Richard, no, no, Abraham. I think he will be born April 5th."

Lillie (age 7)-"I think the baby is a girl. We should name her Helena, Genevieve, or Gartella. I think she will be born April 5th."

Rose (age 6)-"I think the baby is a girl. We should name her Helena, Sophie, or Catherine. I think she will be born the 9th."

Zellie (age 4)-"I want the baby to be a girl. I want her to be named Zellie. I think she will be born in June."

Vianney (age 3)-"Ummm...Ummm...a boy. Ummm...We should name him "You". ???

Clairvaux (age 20 months)-"Bebe"


  1. haha! too cute. whatever the gender, I'm praying for health for you and your sweet baby.

  2. Hilarious! Zellie's answer is my favorite.

  3. These are great! I'm pregnant with my 2nd child right now and my due date is April 10th! I am very optimistically hopeful for March 25th/26th for the feast of the annunciation... ha! God's blessing for a wonderful birth for you. : )

  4. First - I love all the grey! Did you dress them up and take them to the mall?!

    Second - I'm guessing boy too, on Easter.

  5. Oh I love it. My fav. part is the ages of Momma and Papa. :)

  6. soso,you are 21?