Saturday, March 24, 2012

Telling the kids

I found this old video of when we told the kids we were expecting this new baby. It is crazy to me that we are almost there. We were saying prayers and John hinted at our news for about a minute.

Once they understood what he was saying (around 1:11) is just adorable. I will remember Rose most this night. She can be seen (around 1:43) and her eyes were filled with tears.

My mom tells me that I reacted this way every time she told me she was expecting. Those were my best childhood memories! (I am the second oldest of 10). I remember with one of my siblings going down the phone book of our small town and calling anybody I knew and telling them my mom was pregnant. I called a farmer I knew just from seeing him at mass to tell him.

I LOVED each and every time she was pregnant. I am so glad our children react with such joy at new life. When my sister, Kathryn, was born and my dad called home to tell us the news. I hung up the phone and literally ran up to the hospital on foot. I remember standing in the nursery window crying when I saw her for the first time. A nurse came by and reassured me that everything was alright. I told her, "I am crying out of happiness."

To this day, my mother always thanks me for being so excited for her. I now understand what she was saying. John and I are blessed on both sides of our family that when we announce the great news of a new baby our families literally throw you a party. His parents really did for this baby. His mother made a huge meal and a cake to celebrate our seventh child. Every time I see John's dad, he always asks me how I am feeling, if the baby is moving a lot, and how many weeks I am. He always reassures me that he is praying for me every day. What a gift they are! My mother corresponds with a Carmelite order of nuns in New York. In this order, there are a total of 10 nuns. Each nun has spiritually adopted each of my ten siblings. My mom immediately writes them asking for prayers for our new child.

What a great way to spread the culture of life! John and I always say that we want more than anything to give this gift to our children, to our families, and to our friends. I feel in my heart that there is no greater news that the announcement of a new person entering this world. SOMEONE that NO ONE has never, ever met before.


  1. Oh joy! This is the best. Your children are so beautiful.

  2. It could be my own pregnancy hormones (21 weeks preggo myself!) but this made me cry! Your family is so beautiful--I LOVE seeing the joy the kids have once they realize you are pregnant!

  3. What a beautiful video!! I had tears streaming down my face. :)

  4. So beautiful!!! What a gift you and John are giving the whole world!!

  5. 37 weeks preggers here and beautiful!!

  6. so beautiful. I wish I could say the same for some of my family! Ahh! And they're all Catholic, to say the least. I need some of your patience.

    ps - lindsey, would you mind sometime posting about 'a day in the life' - during the school year? I'm just wondering what all you do, and what your daily schedule looks like. I'm REALLY wanting to homeschool my kiddos and am trying to picture what a life like yours looks like day-to-day.

    Thank you so much... and if you've already posted on this, let me know. You rock sister!! You are such an encouragement to me!

  7. This is one of the sweetest things I have seen in a LONG time. What a precious treasure for you to have this video!