Friday, April 6, 2012

Holy Thursday Tradition

In keeping with our Holy Thursday Tradition, we enjoyed a meal of fresh bread, wine (grape juice), raw milk cheese, dates rolled in coconut, and grape. Last year, we had lamb meat, but I didn't have any available this year. John suggested getting gyros next year. I know many who celebrate the Traditional Seder Meal which sounds like an amazing idea that I don't seem to think about doing until the hour before our simple Holy Thursday tradition. The kids love this and look forward to it every year.

John took the older four to Holy Thursday mass. I stayed behind with the Vianney and Clairvaux as bedtime was quickly approaching and the thought of wrestling a tired Clairvaux 67 months pregnant sounded too good to be true. She is still stuck in the sit-and-spin stage at mass so I was glad John was able to take the older ones so they could take everything in. They all wanted to go an hour early so they could sit up front to see the men get their feet washed by Msgr. Nemec. John and I watched the movie "The Passion" tonight. It is such a good movie every time.


  1. My husband and I just watched The Passion tonight. It is so beautifully done and such a wonderful mediation during Holy Week. I'm interested to read about the Traditional Seder Meal as I was just wondering why we didn't continue that tradition as Jesus established the Eucharist during that meal. Anyway, have a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!

    1. *Meditation during Holy Week :)

  2. 67 months pregnant... ;)

    Love it. :) We usually do a "snacky" meal with a fruit tray, cheese tray, veggie tray, crackers, & homemade bread. It's tasty, everyone eats without a peep, & leftovers are great for all weekend. We use wine glasses for our juice & play "fancy" music. I think their favorite part, though, is that we eat in the basement. We've done it for about 3 years & the big kids were already asking about when we were going to "have the Last Supper" on Ash Wednesday! Gotta love traditions. :)