Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vianney's 3rd Birthday


The phrase "Apple of my Eye" applies directly to you. We call you the "Super Kid." YOU are 1,000% PURE joy! I know I say that a lot, but YOU REALLY ARE. Your sweet disposition, easy going ways, lisp, hair, big blueberry eyes, facial expressions, love of food, appreciation of anyone who makes you food, gentleness, and happiness are just a few ways that our whole family especially your parents enjoy every minute of you.

We have found ourselves letting you stay up late with us because you are just enjoyable. You sit next to us on the couch reading your books, bothering nobody, just happy to be alive.

Our nightly saint coloring page and listening to the Saint of the Day is something you will not let us forget. In fact, you slightly panic and repeat it over and over until we listen to the Saint of the Day.

Your speech has exploded since your surgery and you say things daily that make me laugh audibly and call your father at work to leave a voice mail so he can hear what you say.

Last week while doing your hair, you said "Papa's the John. Your the Lindsay Boevers, and Tato's the Poe (Clairvaux.)

I found you today with your dresser cracked a bit with your camera in the crack. You were pretending to take pictures so I asked what you were doing to which you responded:

"I am taking a picture of my Dora's." (underwear drawer) Serious though.

You were precious on your birthday and were literally shaking opening your gifts. Those times are the times I just sit motionless watching you. I could have wrapped up a box of rocks and you would have been grateful. Of course, your siblings were pawing at you to open your gifts. You really were shaking while opening each gift and would exclaim very loudly what each one was.

In your own words, you received for your birthday the following:

1. Dora Peace-Brush (Dora toothbrush).
2. Dora Unnies (Dora Underwear).
3. Cash Rader (Cash Register).

The scanning mechanism beeped so you were beeping everything in our house until 11:00 at night. We let you stay up with us that night and you sat next to me on the couch beeping. You would bring a pile of books and beep them all over and over.

For about a week after your birthday, you told everybody what you received. My mother sent a car that had a little girl on the front that looked similar to you. You opened the card, ditched the money and clung tightly to the card that "looksths like me."

You always bring something to the restroom with you to pass the time, but this was too cute. I found you coloring with your legs crossed.

What I'll remember about your age right now is how you always look forward to breakfast, how you tell me you stayed dry every morning, how I could read a library to you every day and you won't flinch, how you love body lotion, how you are always thirsty, how you love yogurt and granola, how you sing from your soul "Lord, I Lift your name on High", how you practice your memory work at night in your bed although you can't read the cards, how you refer to the ring of memory work cards as "Boston, Massachusetts", how you know all the history cards and asked Papa today what "Allies" were, how a squirt bottle and a rag will occupy you outside for a ridiculous amount of hours, you will never know the delight we get in you watching you walk around our cul-de-sac (always singing), but in your very own little world, how you are still sleeping in our room in your own bed, but how neither of us can bring ourselves to move you out and in with the big kids because watching you read your books in the morning is one of our favorite morning pasttimes, your facial expressions are too numerous to remember but mostly you respond to everything with one of the two phrases "No biggie" or "Whoops a daisies."

We are a nickname family. It is actually quite ridiculous because most of our nicknames don't make sense and aren't even words. Your nicknames right now are Holdren, Holdy, Super Kid, Hulge, John or Johnny. Clairvaux calls you Nonny.

My view every night while preparing dinner unless I send you to look for Papa at the window. Both your little heads stand watching me every night.

You are a parent's delight. Thank you for blessing our lives with your wonderfulness. Thank you for being a sweetheart.


  1. Oh, she's so sweet. God bless her!

    On a sidenote, how in the world do you get your girls to keep bows in their hair?

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