Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Pentecost!

We celebrated the last day of the Easter season today. It has all been a blur as Damaris was born a couple days past Easter. None the less, God gave us the greatest gift for Easter---NEW LIFE.
We definitely have reached a point where getting a picture of all of them smiling at the same time is virtuous. We have enjoyed these more probably because someone is always doing something funny. John told everybody to put their feet together. Clairvaux listened well.
Vianney was losing it over donuts we didn't get. I agree. You should see the fit I threw.
The best gift for the summer has arrived. AUNT DAMARIS. She will be living with us until August. I just did the Roger Rabbit across the room to express my excitement. She is like having 12 other women in the house. She cooks, cleans, plays, drives, swims, and is just a joyful person to be around. We are all so glad she will be with us this summer. Poor thing. In this picture, we hadn't been home for more than five minutes and was attacked.