Monday, May 28, 2012

VictoryQuest 2012

John participated in the Grand Opening of a new facility here in Nebraska. What a great time we had especially watching John WIN the race!!!VictoryQuest was created by two fathers dedicated to getting their own children in shape. Their sons fell in love with working out. As a result, one of the fathers did some research about the infamous "Tough Mudder" program developing across the United States. They wanted to create something similiar with the main emphasis in "developing sound character, heart, soul, mind and body extending it to a public more aware than ever of the dangers of sedentary life, and the benefits of exercise for young people." The Lincoln Journal Star ran an article here featuring the upcoming event. Pre-Race
The course can also be seen in more detail from this news channel.
The total course was 3.7 miles with around 24 different obstacles to conquer. He loved it. He said his favorite part was sliding head first down the mud pit. Dominic was in heaven. He ran from spot to spot cheering him on and then slid down the mud pit after the race.
The co-founders hope to really grow the program. Several people who have competed in similar races around the United States said this was the toughest course they had done.
One of the co-founders, Doug Barry, started also a program for young adults at the adjoining facility Camp Gargano. They hope to have groups of young adults traveling from all over to participate in their dream of building young adults with virtue and true character.
The Inaugural event was titled "Quest for Vets" this Memorial Day weekend. John signed up a couple months ago and has anticipating the race every since. Any form of competition runs crazy through his blood. I don't think he slept last night.
My brother brought a group from Kansas to participate in the activities at Camp Gargano. I would encourage everyone to check it out and consider making the trip.
The kids were so excited to watch and cheer him on. A total of 117 people signed up for the event. He was able to get a great start to stay ahead of the pack. Most of the race he was in third place. The end was thrilling. He was trailing the leader by about 100 yards and was able to pass him near the end to WIN first place. It was awesome. I was doing the laugh, cry, yell with excitement emotion. I was just so happy for him.
John being interviewed after winning the race.