Thursday, May 10, 2012

Night Reader

I went to the grocery story this evening. When I returned, the kids were in bed so I went into their rooms to tell them good night. As I opened Vianney's door, I saw such a precious site. She was looking at her favorite Scooby Doo Search and Find book. She would touch with her finger the object or person needing to be found then locate the object in the picture again with her finger.
I went and got John and we marveled at her preciousness. I sat in her room for a while just watching her in the dark. She seemed so peaceful going through her book.
When I got closer, I noticed she had put on her bed slippers. A mismatched pair of princess shoes. I couldn't decide if I should laugh out loud or cry at her sweetness. I would have loved to have seen her deciding to put on the shoes for bed. What a sweet little life she has. These moments will always be ingrained in my motherhood memories. She was so cute. I cherish the darling antics children do that truly mark their young age like the putting on of princess shoes and wearing them to bed.
You know there aren't many things cuter than watching a child look at their favorite book.
This little incident reminded of something Zellie did last summer at one of Dominic's baseball games. The coach had a daughter Lillie's age that was always at the games. Of course, Zellie admired all her sister's friends so I knew she looked forward to every game to see Makenna. This particular game Zellie had packed several items to show Makenna. She had brought play food, her watch, and her princess shoes. When we were walking up to the game, Zellie ran ahead to meet Makenna. She quickly turned and ran back towards me and plopped down by the stroller. Underneath her breath, I heard her stammer "Oh, my princess shoes." I looked down to watch her nervously and quickly shoving her feet into the shoes so she could catch up with her sisters and show Makenna her shoes. For some reason, it was so precious.
I took these pictures last summer. I had my camera on me so I caught her in the act. Looking at these pictures reminded me of when she use to wear her watch on her ankle.

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  1. oh my. it doesn't get any cuter than Vianney reading in bed with her bed slippers!!! thanks for sharing her lovliness!