Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meeting your Siblings

One of my favorite moments after having a new baby is waiting with great anticipation as John brings the big kids up to meet their new sibling. I am the second oldest of ten and remember my own father taking us up to see my mother. My heart beat out of my chest as we walked into Mitchell County Hospital and down the halls to first look into the nursery window hoping maybe to catch a glimpse of our new brother or sister. We had to wash our hands and gown up. I couldn't stand the excitement. Then, we would walk into my mother's hospital room. It always felt like we had not seen her for 100 years. I remember the aura around the new baby. I remember my mother always looking beautifully dressed in her new hospital gown she always bought for every baby. I loved it. I hated leaving and couldn't wait for her to come home.
I love looking for their faces to walk around the corner to see me and the baby. John videotaped it this time. Precious. We've all waited so long for this moment. It is always a shock to see how big my old baby is. I love how tender the kids are with me and the baby.
With my last few babies, I have always wanted to buy the kids a little gift to give to them from me when they came to the hospital. I finally did that this time and was so glad. I found the girls a darling necklace with a heart pendant. For Dominic, I gave him a camo wrist wrap that had a bible verse on it. They loved it. I told them that I wanted them to know how much I was thinking of them while I was away at the hospital. Rose told me later how much it meant to her while I was gone. John always makes them a root beer float while they are visiting. Such happy memories we all will have!


  1. i LOVE your family!! Thank you for posting, and thank you for your holy witness to motherhood!

  2. This is too sweet! I think my favorite is Clairvaux's smile. =)

  3. Beautiful! Btw, Damaris is mentioned in today's First Reading, in the small chance you're not already all over that.