Friday, May 18, 2012

Setting the Example

A couple weeks ago, we were able to witness John's parents, Wally and Katy, renew their wedding vows. Their children arranged it all as a surprise with Monsignor Nemec on the anniversary of Wally's heart attack. They celebrated 39 years of marriage. What a wonderful example they are of love. I have learned many lessons from John's mother on being a wife. She probably is the best wife I know. Her secret is 100% service. Her devotion and love for Wally is always very evident when you are with them. I am grateful for all she has taught me. She will always be the first person to have you over for dinner, let you stay at their house, bake you a cake, anything. She is always willing to help. She was raised that way. Her parents were just the same.
John is a carbon copy of his father. Wally's dedication to prayer, family life, raising children, and refinement of virtue is always evident when you meet him. He is genuinely interested in other peoples lives. If you meet him, he will ask all about your interests, your faith, your family, and about your life. He is kind, gentle, and patient. How I am grateful to this man for setting such a good example for John. What I admire about him most though is his dedication to sacrifice and penance. I remember a while back that he stopped eating chocolate to offer that sacrifice for his children and their souls. He is always willing to help out and lend a hand. John certainly learned from both his parents how to serve others joyfully.
Their openness to every life brought forth so many fruits. Their life has not been easy. They have struggled financially, they have moved and changed jobs, they have suffered many miscarriages, they have watched their own son bury his young wife. Yet, they know where we are going. They know our true home is in heaven. With all the craziness going on challenging the married vocation currently, I am even more grateful for these pillars of marriage you can find in these two. Strong and steady. I love the reassurance that no matter what happens, you know they are strong and forever will be.
They have eight wonderful and caring children that are like siblings to me. When people ask me about John's background in relation to our marriage I always respond, "I married my brother." We were raised almost identical. We can tell the same stories just change the name. I love his siblings. His siblings in order from left to right: Matt (he is married to my cousin, Emily), John, Elisabeth (John's twin), Mary, Catherine, Anne, Margaret Mary, and Teresa.
The BEST picture of ALL. This is the Wally and Katy Boever family to-date minus Mary's husband, Mike. I love that my kids already have a million cousins and the number isn't anywhere finished. I love that our children are born into such goodness. I love that everybody loves and respects each life. Every baby is a celebration and we all can't wait to see the new baby each time.


  1. I LOVE this. What an amazing example to each of us whose lives have been touched by Wally and Katie. Beautiful!

  2. LOVE it! I can't think of anything to add which you haven't already said. This is beautiful. :)

  3. AGAIN...I'm so glad that I get to know you and your families...I have learned so much about life and holiness through both sides of your family.

  4. who was holding all the babies in the 1st picture?? :) lol

  5. I came across your blog randomly a few months ago and it quickly became one of my favorites. I am not yet a mother, but I have enjoyed reading your words of wisdom and hope that I can approach that time in my life with the same faith and dedication that you exhibit.

    While reading this entry I was surprised to discover that I recognized your husband's twin sister, Elisabeth (and her husband, Josh) from their time as FOCUS missionaries at my undergrad institution. I didn't know them directly, but because I was active with other ministries at the Newman Center, I knew of them and appreciated the wonderful examples they set for our community. Seeing this (very) distant connection between us was a wonderful reminder to me that our church really is one big family. Many thanks to everyone in your family for the witness you all provide and thanks for the time you put into this blog!