Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mahoney Park 2012

For the past four years, we have made a trip out to Mahoney Park to enjoy a day of swimming, eating, and all sorts of fun events. The trip begins by everyone loading into a tour bus from Lincoln to Mahoney State Park. Zellie and Vianney sat in the very front seat. Please only imagine what neurons were firing in their little 3 and 4 year old brains as they sat in the FRONT seat of a massive tour bus flying down the highway.
John and his traveling companion. We both believe that she thought the trip was ALL for her. Yep, we loaded everybody up, ordered tons of food, and invited several thousand people to join us today JUST FOR YOU.

I found Vianney quite pensive over what to pick for her one selection of balloon art.

Although, no one gets to it like Lillie. She eats without talking to anyone, quickly stands in line for her balloon selection then scampers over to get her face painted. So much fun, so little time.
Zellie was so overly giddy at her Viking hat selection that I believe she snorted twice with excitement.

She owned that sucker. Some serious strong man contest would have to occur for that to be dislodged from her jaw grip. Nope, not coming out ever.
Of course, Simple Rose would pick a simple, yet beautiful flower.  So true to her nature. 

Waiting for the big bucket to drop.
Vianney said, "Itsss too loud." The ONLY negative to having a child with a cute lisp is that I've imitated it for so long that I've developed a lisp.
Yes, she is this sweet and lovely.
After a fun-filled full day, we rode the trolley around the park. I was sitting with a sleepy Vianney on my lap and looked up near the front. I watched how cute John looked standing there holding Damaris' binki in while talking to the driver. There is something so manly about a man with his baby.
It always feels so good to get home and have everyone take a nice long bath. Even baby was exhausted from sleeping all day.