Friday, June 15, 2012

A Pie a day keeps the doctor away

I have always had a love affair with pie making and baking. It started when I was small. My grandmother made pies like all good women back then did...on a daily basis. She could whip a pie together with about as much effort as it took her to open her favorite novel. My father loved pies. Before we were married and I was in dreamy land about the reality of my days at home, I planned on making a pie every morning. My days were going to go so smoothly that making a pie each morning would require as much effort as eating breakfast. I love my red pie dish. Before we were married, I spent time each summer on the east coast with my aunt and uncle. This was my first encounter with strawberry pie. To top it off, my aunt used this cherry red pie dish. I was enamored by it. Right after we were married, I was home visiting my mother and noticed this red dish in her cupboard. My aunt had given it to her. I flipped out. My sweet mother handed me the pie dish with hopes that I would fill it often for John. He loves pie more than I do. He remarked last week after coming home from work to find an apple pie waiting for him, "NOW, that's a fun way to come home from work." I love the way the dish is worn. I love that it is cracked on one side. I love the burn marks underneath. I think if it breaks I will gorilla glue it back together with duct tape and cement. I love it.
I have maintained my desire, but my output in that endeavor didn't quite keep up. I was lucky if I made one pie a year. Due to little practice, I lost the skills required to put together these masterpieces. I don't know what has gotten into me, but I can't stop baking pies. Last week, I made six. We had Strawberry Pie, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry/Rhubarb Pie, Lemon Meringue and a French Silk Pie. My sister called this evening around 9:00 and told me she was running behind on meeting us at the gym to workout. I told her not to worry as I was in the middle of making a pie. We decided to go to the zoo last night, but before we left I had to make a pie so the pastry could cool while we were out. It was rather thrilling to come in the door and find a pie cooling on the counter top.
At the library today, I was able to find a few books on the art of pie making. Everyone has their own opinion on how the procedure should go. Some swear by lard, or butter, or Crisco. Some suggest vodka in the crust, cooling all your ingredients and utensils. I skipped nap time today to read my pie books. The kids ask me each morning what type of pie will I be making that day. Tonight, the kids were up late watching the NBA finals with us. I had three tired little faces all staring at me watching me form my crust.
A pie in the oven especially at night or in the early morning lends itself a certain calm over the home.
To top it off, my sister and her husband had their beautiful little Esther last week. Please take a look at this child. After visiting her at the hospital for a viewing, I told my sister that it was very nice of her to contribute to the world in such a way as this beautiful child. I refrained from sleeping outside her hospital door and made myself only visit her twice in the hospital. She was asked several times by the hospital staff if they were done having children to which my sister told them "Why in the world would we not want more of THIS!!!"
So, that pretty much sums up my philosophy on life BABIES and PIE. Can't have too much of either.


  1. Have you actually gotten to eat any of the pie you've made?! I love to bake pies, as well, but almost more for the beauty and smell and homey feeling they radiate, than for the actual eating of them. I'm glad you've rediscovered the art. And now that you have such a wonderfully large family, you can probably polish off a pie a day without blinking. When you were newleyweds, I would have pictured a lot of leftover pie :).

    (If you can't tell, your post sparked a lot of thoughts in me!)

  2. Yep, that sums it up!

    Good for your sister. We need more people with that philosophy, because it's God's truth.

    Congratulations to both of you.

  3. Ok, I am not going to let Mark know about this. He loves pies. I don't make them. Whenever we visit his parents, his mom whips one up for him like nothing. I figure it is a way I can serve her, by giving her an opportunity to show her love for her son through pie making. Although, if I had that amazing red dish I might make more pies. Also, that is one beautiful baby! I know the joy of sisters having babies. Congratulations.

  4. Love the idea of pie, more than actually eating it, I think. Also, love your sister's comment to the staff. Hope I don't sound too suspicious when I wonder why they kept asking if she planned on more children. Anyway, Lindsay, when I put this all together now....the homeschooling, 7 children and one is a newborn, going to the gym, running, and now pie baking. I'm ready for the "how you do it all" post. I know no one does it all, but we all try our hardest everyday with the best hopes of getting as much as we can done. So, really, I could use some pointers. I have 7 children (12 to 9 months) and I homeschool. How do you schedule your day with so many things to consider and so many needs that are unpredictable? Some times when people have a talent they just don't realize how special or gifted they are. (Remember the other pie making post?) Maybe you have a gift of order and organization. So please share if you would the master schedule. (In your spare time, of course.) Also, I'm very curious about Classical Conversations. I know a few who have done it and love it, but I don't know any with a large family that do it, so if you could just throw that into the schedule too that would be great. We are considering it again for this fall but I'm very nervous about it's demands and the time with the small children. I have gleaned many things from this blog. Mostly you have warmed my heart with your motherly encouragement. This blog is such a blessing to me.

    Thank you,