Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zellie's 5th Birthday

Are you really five whole years old?You still seem so small yet so many others have come after you that you seemed to have joined the older girls club in the home.  It definitely is an experience that is not worth missing celebrating a birthday with you.  You remember every tradition and certainly won't let any of them go unnoticed or uncelebrated.
We began the morning in geriatric style. We had already scheduled chiropractic appointments so off we went. Oddly, I think you thought it was part of your birthday celebration. The office staff congratulated you and you strolled through that office like you owned it. I remember my birthdays when I was little and just knew that everybody knew it was my birthday by just looking at me.
We let you pick out a cake at the Dairy Queen. 

Your smile today typified what it means "to smile from ear to ear." You didn't stop smiling the whole day.
You have pulled at my heart the most this past year. I knew you were growing so quickly, but felt so stuck at reaching you. It is not that you were difficult, I just felt so busy at times teaching the big kids while simutaneously caring for the little ones. I would find you playing in the toy room so contently, but it always tugged at my heart. I am grateful, it just made me sad that I wasn't sitting next to you more. I love that you enjoy going on errands with me. I can always count on you to go anywhere.
Aunt Hilary gave you lip "glosh." You ask me everyday for my lip glosh. I think you and your sisters stayed up until midnight applying lip glosh.
A four pack of princess shoes that you eagerly shared with your sisters. I love Lillie's monster feet stuffed into the shoes. These puppies won't be coming off until the next century.
Since you and your siblings go swimming almost every day, we knew goggles would be a hit. I think the pictures speaks for itself about the eruption of laughter.
A couple years ago, we started the little tradition of giving each of our girls a little piece of jewelry for their birthdays. I found these gems at Goodwill. I knew this would be the icing on the cake.
I love your spunk. I love your cuddly personality. You love to be held still. I am grateful for our time together.


  1. she looks and sounds like such a little charmer. Happy Birthday to Zellie! Her name is so fitting.

    I hope you elaborate on the chiro at some point -- I've always been so curious!

  2. Happy Birthday to Zellie!
    I've noticed especially in your recent posts how much older Vianney is looking! They are all so cute :)

  3. Oh my ...of all your children - she has an extra twinkle in her eye and I love it!! Tell her Nicholas read this post and and said "I like Zellie". We wish her a happy 5th birthday!! (and also tell her if she would like to join the "Five Forever" club, I'm starting one with Nicholas ;)

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